Art & Design both have pretty close meanings however, their definitions and nature differ.

People who master art are known as ‘Artists’ whereas people who master design are known as ‘Designers’. Good art inspires and a good design motivates.

“It’s a complex and rather convoluted argument to have, as both designers and artists create their own visual interpretations and compositions with the skills and knowledge set they have”.

LEVEQUE, E. (2013)

Artists and designers both create visual compositions, however, their jobs are completely different, some designers consider themselves artists but very few artists consider themselves designers.

Art is expressive and is usually what the artist wants whereas design is a designer’s intentional creation and what the audience wants.

Avital, T. (2017) in his book explains,

“Modernism transformed painting into graphic design but continued to call it art. But the composition of color and form with zero generalization is design and not art, for design, in contrast to art deals with specifications and not generalizations. In the case of modern art as graphic design, it is of so lame a type that even its specifications are fairly sloppy, except for cases of “geomertrical abstract,” which are not and in no way abstract, but a special case of elementary geometric forms. As such this is graphic design and not art”. 

Avital, T. (2017). The Confusion between Art and Design. Vernon Press.



  • Good art is interpreted
  • Art has varied meanings that can be different based on a person’s experience
  • Good art is a talent that a person is born with and can be refined further
  • Some people find art comforting, exciting and informative
  • Good design is understood
  • Design sends a similar message to everyone
  • Good design is a skill that can be learned
  • Design projects aim to solve problems or provide information

Trochut, A. (2016) states that “If we think about art and design as different languages and look at the vocabulary of each, design is very limited compared to art. It focuses more on how to express its limited, well-being-focused vocabulary (beauty, success, happiness) in new ways.

Art, meanwhile, sets out to discover which ideas need to be expressed. There are no limits or taboo, and it’s subject matter doesn’t even need to have a specific meaning”

In view of the above, this would be fair to say that art & design are not similar although they do share some similarities, they are two different entities that take two different approaches, as we have seen above, art is expressive and design helps solve problems.

If you take the art approach, you’re an artist who is trying to convey a message or tell a story or evoke an emotion in his target audience whereas if you are a designer and take the design approach, you are trying to construct a process that would help find a solution to your clients’ problems.


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